"The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children" − Nelson Mandela

NPO Tomorrow4isibani has been working with the local NPO Inspired Hope (formerly Isiphephelo Winterton Organization/Isibani) since 2008 to create a better future for the residents of Khethani, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Winterton− Kwazulu Natal − South Africa.

The majority of the township is carrier of or is affected by HIV / AIDS. This has led to the impoverishment and breakdown of families. Many families are run by the grandparents or in some cases only by the children because there are no adults left. In a society that no longer recognizes traditional values and norms, these children are particularly vulnerable. They often fall victim to crime, rape or assault.

Because this group is most affected in this society the NPO Tomorrow4sibani focuses on projects related to assistance, primarily with children and youth. We work closely with the government departments and build relationships with them.


INSPIRED HOPE is a community center in Khethani district, known to the population as "Ekukhanyeni".
We are contacted by parents, relatives, neighbours, the school or the police. We attach great importance to sustainability and independence for the local population.

After the intake interviews, our employees refer the customer to the correct body. We follow up every file.


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