Child and Youth Care

The program is much needed and addresses all kinds of challenges. For example:

  • Playgroup:
    A group of 15 kids meet with our assistant social worker, every Friday afternoon. They each have a history of abuse and are guided in groups or individually.
  • School Problems:
    Non−attendance, learning difficulties, uniform, transport.
  • Malnutrition:
    In collaboration with the school, the poorest children are monitored and we ensure they receive food each day.
  • Glue sniffers:
    This is a growing group of children. We try to locate and guide them.
  • Social and health problems:
    • Teenage pregnancy.
    • Alcohol and drugs abuse.
    • HIV / AIDS problemacy.
    • Sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Conflict with family.
    • housing problems.

We are often contacted by parents, relatives, neighbours, school, police or children themselves. We identify a lot of problems ourselves as our team are present in the community each day.

The team consists of four people each covering a specific problem, but they also cooperate closely and report problems to each other.

Our other current projects are: