Safety House Isiphephelo

We are confronted with orphans, due predominantly to HIV / AIDS or children who are victims of neglect, abuse and rape, on a daily base.

South−Africa has limited facilities in terms of places of safety, orphanages and suitable foster care parents or potentially adoptive parents coupled with huge increases in demand for these facilities. That´s why we opened our Safety House Isiphephelo in 2013.

In a homely atmosphere, run by house mothers, these children are cared for temporarily after they were legally removed from their situation. They are assisted in all aspects including physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We ensure that they can keep going to school. They stay with us until their appointed social worker finds a suitable solution for the child.

In addition to creating a warm, loving environment Isiphephelo also guarantees:

  • Training and Education:
    • Courses and workshops specifically designed around the needs of the orphans and vulnerable children who have been placed with foster families.
    • Training around the complex issues that will be faced by foster parents.
    • Training of community support members to facilitate and mentor foster children and their foster families on a day to day local community level.
  • Placement of Children and Legalities:
    • Identifying and liaising with prospective foster care families, providing training as detailed above.
    • Processing foster care placements through the courts.
    • Processing child removals.
  • Counseling and Support:
    • Supporting and counseling children that have been abused in readiness for giving evidence in court.
    • Trauma and rape counseling.
    • Setting up support groups in local villages supporting orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Partnering with other organisations:
    • Assisting partner NGO´s with court and welfare support services.
    • Working alongside the local police, welfare, education, courts and health departments to identify and alleviate the issues they are facing..

Our other current projects are: