Milestones in your life

These are all major events in our lives and often involve gratitude, recognition, celebration. They include weddings, births, graduations, anniversaries and they frequently come accompanied by flowers and gifts. But, as we celebrate a particular milestone, perhaps we can give a thought to those who have little in their lives to celebrate: often children who have known little but abuse or neglect.

Why not support a charity which cares for such children? By encouraging your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to donate to the account of NPO Tomorrow4Isibani, you are not only helping the children of Khethani. In so doing you will be transforming a negative experience for our children into a positive experience and making the world a more compassionate place for all.

Note: For deposits of sums arising from a collection you are not entitled to a tax certificate. These are only permitted, under current tax regulations, for individual donations.

Donations from € 40 per year are tax deductible but the tax certificate can only be made out to the account holder and will be forwarded in February of the following year.

We are grateful for your dedication!


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