Remedial Classes

In the school in Khethani are now 60 to 80 children per class. There are usually 4 or 5 children sitting on a school bench meant to seat 2. This with a single teacher!

Needless to say this is far from ideal.

Together with the school principal, we have selected 40 children from the 1st and 2nd grades with severe learning difficulties, such as being in the second grade but unable to write their names. These children were divided in two groups of 20 for special tutoring in maths and numeracy on alternate mornings and literacy in the afternoon. This was organized by Flora and 2 local ladies.

There is no place available in the Khetani school itself, so the children were initially taught in the classroom next to the Isibani buildings. Later, both for practical reasons and safety, the special classes were moved to the church building in Khethani itself, but unfortunately this arrangement fell away at the end of 2012.