Tax relief

NPO Tomorrow4Isibani is one of the charities that has obtained an authorization from the Ministry of Finance to deliver a tax certificate for your donation of € 40 or over. You can include the certificate in your tax return. The amount of your donation will be deducted from your taxable income.

To determine if you are entitled to a tax certificate for a particular tax year, T4I adds up all your gifts over the previous year, we do this at the start of the new year. If the sum is at least € 40, you will receive a tax certificate. You will receive the document at the beginning of the year following your donation.

The tax authorities authorising this tax advantage, provide a number of conditions, including:

  • The total gift per year must be at least € 40.
  • The tax advantage can only be sent to the actual donor. We cannot issue a certificate for amounts arising from a collection.
  • The gift must be deposited directly into the account of T4I, and should arrive there in time to be able to provide a tax receipt for that year. Do not transfer at the end of December, for example.

How much is your tax benefit?

Source: F.O.D. Financiën

The tax benefit is 45% of the actual amount paid and specified on the certificate.

The total amount of donations for which abatement is granted must not exceed:

  • Or 10% of the total net income
  • Or € 376,350 (tax year 2018, income 2017)
    For tax year 2019 - income 2018 this will be € 384.300

On your tax return, you should always declare the total amount that complies with the conditions. The administration will, where necessary, apply the legal restrictions themselves.


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